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Marike Weysenfeld

Marike Weysenfeld is an intuitive artist. All the artwork she creates is custom and personalized. Marike uses high quality gemstones, gold leaves and durable pigments which are enveloped by a frame of brass in natural shapes.


Marike's roots are in Brazil. She was adopted and moved to Holland at a young age. Her origins are in the Amazon region of Brazil, her genetic lineage comes from the indigenous native cultures. Her ancestors lived by the laws of nature through ritual and honor.


The blood of her ancestors flows through her veins, but she has been taught to -own- the Western culture. This contrast to her nature caused her to become confused with who she really was.


Marike's personal attraction to the details of nature, being in natural environments, interactions with animals, and finding stones and shells was something she enjoyed doing from a young age. Through her self-discovery, she found this was the connection to her generational lineage. 


It was therefore the intrinsic motivation that made her want to learn the wisdom about herself in old age. She reconnected with nature and rekindled her love for stones. She learned about crystals and how they could contribute to her well-being.


Naturally oxidized crystals found in the stratification of the earth tell a personal story. All crystals possess certain frequencies which contribute to a physical energy level of the human being. The stratification and frequencies of the crystals are the basis for the concept EigenWeys. 


EigenWeys is the outcome of her self-discovery, it’s translated into and from her ancestral lineage which is found, seen and expressed in her art. Marike wishes for every person to experience, on their own personal level, their own journey in life. For each person to go through their personal stratification to discover their unique crystals within themselves.


Marike respectfully and honorably personally selects gemstones based on the client's personal life story and journey. The gemstones in her artwork are the literal translation of the inner world of the client, this makes each work of art intimate and exclusive.

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